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ShowPro is a horseshow management software that was initially designed to run Hunter Jumper competitions and over a ten year period it was established as a leader in that genre. Over time ShowPro developed a reputation as a quality software that was easy to use, had features that other programs didn't, and was available at a reasonable cost. Eventually ShowPro grew to the point that it was being used to manage a larger number of horse shows than any other software program in history.

Early on people from other disciplines asked if ShowPro would ever have support for breeds and disciplines other than Hunter Jumper. We had seen competing softwares that added token support for other disciplines and in a way that detracted from the core functionality. We didn't want a product that claimed to be a tool for managing multi-breed/discipline horse shows unless it would be an actual legitimate, top quality software, in every way equal to the original Hunter Jumper product. We also did not want our users to have to deal with features that were not associated with the type of horse show that they were doing.

In 2008 ShowPro Version 8.0 was released. This software had the same Hunter Jumper capabilities, and quite a few improvements over the previous releases, but it also had support for most of the USEF breeds and disciplines, and also the major western breeds. The software was designed in a modular way so that it could be a Hunter Jumper program, or a breed program, or a combination of the two. Many large fairs in the US and Canada have events that have components of Hunter Jumper or Show Jumping and other breeds and disciplines combined. In the past these shows have been run with several different programs running simultaneously in order to handle the different requirements. ShowPro now had the capability to do the entire event all in one program and in a way that brought a new efficiency to the show office that many shows had never experienced.

In 2013 integrated credit card processing was added to the software enabling shows to accept credit cards in the show office, and also on

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