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ShowPro Editions

In order to provide a product to an industry with different levels of competition and different needs ShowPro is available in three versions, the Professional, Standard, and Lite Editions.

The Professional Edition is the software used to manage some of the largest and most prestigious horse show venues in the country. The Professional Edition has the ability to query the USEF database over the internet. This feature alone makes it the choice for any rated show. The Professional Edition also adds many powerful time saving and revenue enhancing features.

The Standard Edition adds the labor saving features that the Lite version lacks and also adds USEF reporting capabilities. The cost difference between the Lite and Standard Editions is almost negligible when you consider the additional features and how much of your time you might save.

The Lite Edition has all the core capabilities for horse show management but lacks some important features such as circuit points, show templates, and electronic results. Show templates allow you to create a complete horse show with a few mouse click once you have created your first show. The Lite Edition may be a good choice for small barn or schooling shows if cost is a big factor.

There is a Features Matrix at the web site that specifies which features are included in which edition. This guide covers all the features, some some may not be included in your edition.

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