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Show Types

Show Types Dialog

Show Types are a grouping mechanism for sections and classes.

Usually you'll only have one show type and there will be no advantage to having more than one. In fact, Show Types primarily support a feature in OrgPro, our organization and points management software, that enables organizations to recognize more than one type of show.

Although you must have a minimum of one show type if you only have one show type the selection box will not appear on the Show Screen - since there is only one show type it is implicitly selected and there is no reason for the

selection box to appear. If you have more than one show type a selection box will appear on the Show Screen, and you'll have a potential extra selection to make to find what you're looking for.

If you only will have one show type we recommend you name it "Regular Member Show" or "Schooling Show", what you name it is of little importance because it won't show up anywhere.

To create a Show Type simply click New, this will create a Show Type "New Show Type". Then edit the name to suit using the edit box at the bottom.

The Show Types dialog box is a list editor which is a recurring theme in ShowPro, please see the topic Working With List Editors.

You may be tempted to create show types "AA Rated Shows", "A Rated Shows", etc. because you see these as "show types" that you do. This is NOT recommened. You will likely have duplicate sections under both show types and this will cause problems with circuit points if you use them. Each section should only exist once in your organization configuration.

If you do have more than one show type there will be nothing to prevent you from using more than one show type in a single show. For example you could have a C & Pony Show that would use a "C Circuit" show type and a "Pony Show" show type. You will need to decide if there is an advantage in having more than one show type or if having more than one will be a disadvantage.

If you have questions about your initial setup of ShowPro please do not hesitate to call us at (734) 667-3390.

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