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Class Templates

Class Templates are class definitions and parameters that are associated with a particular breed/discipline other than Hunter/Jumper, if you are configuring the Hunter/Jumper discipline see Sections/Individual Classes. When you click the Class Templates button the following dialog box is displayed...

Class Templates Dialog

Each Breed/Discipline has it's own set of class templates, those above happen to be for the Arabian breed. The class templates are broken down by division to make them easier to work with, some breeds have an enormous number of class possibilities!

These class templates are built-in to ShowPro, you don't need to create them although you can add to them and/or edit them.

They are used when you create your class list, to check the validity of entered classes, and when results are exported.

The Division drop down is used to, you guessed it, select the division - a different set of templates will be displayed. The Group drop down is used to select the template group. Groups are used to further categorize the templates to make them easier to work with, primarily when creating your class list. You'll see how this works when you create your class list for your show.

Each Breed/Discipline has an extra division named "Unrecognized Classes" that is initially empty. This is a place for you to create class templates for local classes not recognized by the sanctioning organization(s) of the Breed/Discipline.

Class Specs

Class Specs New Dialog

ShowPro supports class specs that are printed on your judges cards.

To create a new class spec click New, this has been done to the left.

You then edit the name of the class spec in the middle box and type in the class spec text in the bottom box.


Once a class spec has been created it will be available to be assigned to a class template using the drop down at the bottom of the Class Templates dialog. A single class spec can be assigned to multiple class templates and in most instances this will be the case.


Periodically updated class templates will be made available. As of version 8.1.4 ShowPro knows which of it's templates are "stock" and which were added by the user. When it updates the stock templates it should leave yours alone. Before any update operation ShowPro automatically makes a backup of the existing templates. There is also a function to restore a backup and one to allow you to make your own backup. If you find the need to edit any of the stock templates please let us know so that we are aware of any inaccuracies in the stock templates and can make corrections.

Maintenance Button

To access the maintainance functions click the Maintenance button and a menu will appear above the button with the maintenance options...

Class Templates 2 Dialog

After you update your templates you may see something like this...

Class Templates Updated

Class Templates Restore


If you select the Restore Templates option you'll be presented with a list of backups to pick from.


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