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Verification Flags

The show office is required to keep track of what seems at times like a never ending stream of little details about their competitors. To help with this problem ShowPro provides Verification Flags. These allow you to configure what you need to keep track of. The obvious known requirements are configured for you but you also have the ability to configure any verification flag you want.

These verification flags are displayed in check list boxes on the Entry Screen where you can see what has been verified and what may need to be verified. Some specialized verification flags are also tied to reports to make it easier to identify where your attention is required. There is also an Ineligible verification flag that can be used to mark entrants as ineligible for high point in the Professional Edition.

Verification Flags People

What we see to the left is basically a list editor that allows you to create a list of verification flags and possibly assign a significance to a flag and also to specify which breeds and disciplines the flag applies to. Card Verified applies to all the breeds and disciplines. If you clicked on USHJA Verified only the Hunter/Jumper box would be checked.

Notice that the significance of card Verified is Membership Verified. Available significances for people flags are Non Specific, Membership Verified, Requires Amateur Certification, and Ineligible. Others may be added in the future.

Verification Flags Horses

Here we see the similar thing for horses.

Available significances for horse flags are Non Specific, Recording Verified, Requires Measurement Card, Requires USHJA, and Ineligible. Others may be added in the future.

Entry Screen Verification Flags

To the left is the pay off for setting up verification flags. On the Entries Screen you have your own customized lists of check boxes for people and horses that are organization/breed/discipline specific.

Those flags with other than Non Specific significance have reports attached to them that will allow you to produce lists of competitors requiring attention.

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