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Member Types

Each person in your ShowPro database is potentially a member of one or more of the organizations that you setup in ShowPro. There is also the potential that they are NOT a member of one or more of your organizations. To track this ShowPro provides Member Types and Non Member Types.

Typical member types look like this...

  • Junior 14 & Under, JU
  • Junior 15-17, JO
  • Amateur 18-35, AU
  • Amateur Over 35, AO
  • Professional, P

They are basically defined by whatever the requirements are of the organization you are creating.

Note: As of December 1, 2004 the USEF requires each result (place) that is submitted electronically to be tagged with either "Amateur Adult", or "JR/YR". The way that ShowPro satisfies this requirement is that if a person's Member Type contains the word "Amateur", then "Amateur Adult" will be output in the results. If a person's Member Type contains the word "Junior", then "JR/YR" will be output in the results. Otherwise the field will be blank in the output. Also, if the person's member type contains "Non", the field will be blank in the output. The case of the letters does not matter, "Amateur" is the same as "AMATEUR".

Below we show how member types are added to the organization configuration. This is a fairly typical list editor operation.

Member Types Dialog Empty

When you click Member Types on the Edit Organization dialog box the dialog box to the left is displayed.


To add a new member type click New.

Member Types Dialog New

Then it's just a matter of editing the name of the member type and setting the abbreviation. The abbreviation is used on certain reports where space is limited and is important for that reason.

Member Types Dialog Edited

A member type has been added and the abbreviation is just being added. Click New for each new member type that you need and then edit the text.


When you are done click Close.

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