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USEF Database Query

The Profesional version of ShowPro has the ability to query the USEF database over the internet in a number of ways. There is a realtime mode that queries the database as you add entries. There is also a function that queries the database for every horse and person involved in the show. This can be done in a hotel room or at home and is provided for those who do not have internet access at the show grounds.

Note: A connection to the internet is required to use the USEF Database Quiery features.

You can also click on a USEF No. label next to a membership number box and the information for that horse or rider will be displayed...

USEF Lookup Person Dialog

USEF Query Menu

On the Tools menu there are two menu items that are used to access the USEF Database Query functions

Checking USEF Realtime Query Enabled turns on the realtime query mode. When this is on as you create entries and horses and people are added to the entries they will be automatically checked with the USEF database for the same problems that the full USEF Database Query identifies.

Selecting USEF Database Query from the Tools menu causes the following dialog to be displayed...

USEF Query Dialog

Clicking the Query button will initiate a complete USEF Databse Query of your entire show. All horses and people in the show will be checked for the issues that label the various boxes above.

This is typical of what you might see after performing the full USEF Database Query...

USEF Query In Process Dialog

You can print a report by clicking the Print button. You can save the report in a text format to disk by clicking the Save button, this is provided so that you can do this wherever you can obtain an internet connection and not have to worry about the availability of a printer. If you decide you don't want to wait for the query to complete you can click the Abort button, for a large show of over a thousand entries the query could take 10-15 minutes to complete depending on the speed of the internet connection.

Note: If your show is not a Hunter Jumper show or does not have a Hunter Jumper component the USHJA boxes will not appear.

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