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Championship Points

Championship Points are used with the Hunter Jumper Discipline, for other disciplines see High Points.

To setup championship points select Championship Points from the Data Menu. The following dialog box is displayed...

Championship Points Dialog

Fill in the points for each place for the Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation divisions, if applicable.

Set the top number of places to receive under saddle points in the hunter division. If you reduce the number to zero the word All will appear in place of the number and all who place will receive under saddle points. You can also specify that for circuit points all horses will get the under saddle points.

If you are offering championships in Equitation sections, check the Equitation Championships check box, otherwise uncheck it and no Equitation championships will appear in the section standings.

There is an extra set of points to be used for the last jumper class (highest numbered class) of the division. Setting a higher number of points for the last jumper class encourages exhibitors to participate in this class and also eliminate the ties that otherwise occur in many cases. If you choose not to use this feature set the points in both columns the same.

Jumper prize money can be used instead of the points tables, if you click the Set Jumper Prize Money Pointed Sections button a check list will be displayed allowing you to select which sections should be handled in this manner.

Clicking the Use these points as the default points for all future shows button will do exactly what it says.

Note: ShowPro recognizes a class with a name containing the term Model as a Conformation Model class. Conformation Model classes other than Regular will receive half points.

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