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Adds and Scratches

ShowPro has a tool to make processing Adds and Scratches easily. When you select Adds/Scratches from the Tools menu or press F9 the following dialog box is displayed...

Adds Scratches 1 Dialog

First you need to get positioned on an entry, you can do that by typing in an entry number and pressing Enter or you can click the Search button which gives you access to to the same search tool that is on the entries screen.

Once you're positioned on an entry you'll likely see something like this...

Adds Scratches 2 Dialog


Now you can select the rider, assuming more than one person is on the entry, by using the Prior Rider and Next Rider buttons or the Page Up and Page Down buttons if you prefer.

Once the right person is selected you can add classes by typing in the class numbers and pressing Enter or the + key. You can scratch by typing in the class number and pressing the - key, or by unchecking the class.

When you are done with your adds and scratches for the current entry you can press the Home key and the cursor will be positioned in the Entry No box ready for you to search for your next entry.

This tool is designed so that it can be operated entirely with the keyboard, and if you have a ten key pad that's better yet. The Page Up, Page Down, and Home keys are all in close proximity to the ten key pad.

Adds Scratches 3 Dialog

If your show is using sub shows a drop down box will be visible to allow you to select them. You can also use the End key to step thorough the sub shows.

You can process an entire stack of add slips without ever closing the tool or touching the mouse. When you are done click the Close button or press Esc on the keyboard.

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