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Web Results

When you click Web Results from the Tools menu, the following dialog is displayed...

Web Results Dialog

ShowPro uses a template to generate the show results web page. This template can be easily customized to allow web pages to be generated that will fit in perfectly with an existing web site.

A default template is stored in the file show_results.htm. You may have as many different templates as required.





When you select a template, and open it, the show results web page will be generated...

Web Results Generated Dialog

This is an example of what a generated page might look like...

Web Results Generated Page

And a little further down the page are the individual class results...

Web Results Classes

These pages have been created with a template that has been customized and are an excellent example of the kind of web results pages that can be automatically generated with ShowPro.

The Web Results feature is included in the Standard Edition and above only.

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