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Judges Cards

Judges Card Menu

ShowPro has the ability to produce judges card labels and/or cards. Hunter Jumper and Breed cards are different and Breed cards and labels must be provided per judge so there are some differences. If you have both Hunter Jumper and Breeds in your show you will have menu items for each as shown to the left, if you have one or the other there will only be one "Judges Card" menu item.

Judges Cards Dialog



Once you selected what you want the next step is to select the classes. You can drag the mouse over items to select them or CTRL-Click to select non adjacent items. You can also click the Select All check box to toggle the selected state of all the items.

Breed judges cards print out three to a sheet and can have class specifications on them. For Hunter Jumper there are separate Hunter/Equitation and Jumper cards. The labels are the same in all cases except that for breeds the judges name and competition number is printed on them. When printing labels the same Label Options dialog will appear as when printing back numbers.

Judges Cards Button

If you have the Standard Edition or above you can print judges cards or labels from the Clipboards function. This allows you to print the judges cards for an entire day and have them sorted by ring.

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