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1099 Processing

When you select 1099 Processing from the Tools menu the following dialog is displayed...

Set 1099 Reporting Period Dialog

There are calendar controls to set the date range. These calendars default to start on the first day of the current year and end on the current date but can be set to any date range.

You also have the option to set the amount that should cause a particular person to be issued a 1099.

If you check Assign unassigned prize money, unassigned prize money will be distributed evenly among the owners of the horse on the entry.

Prize Money Checkbox

This check box is on each entry for each owner and each rider. By selectively checking this box, you can control who prize checks are printed to and who is responsible for taxes on prize money.

You can also issue 1009s to your staff for payments you have made to them by check.

When you click Ok on the above dialog box, the following screen is displayed...

1099 Screen

This screen gives you the ability to print an individual, detailed report for each person, or print a summary report which include all the necessary information to produce 1099 forms.

When you click Print the following dialog box is displayed...

Prinrt 1099s Dialog

Select 1099 Forms or 1099 Summaries.

1099 Forms can be purchased at your local office supply store.

Multiple copies can be printed.

If you check the Corrected box the corrected box will be checked on the form.

1099 forms or summary reports will be printed for those items that are checked.

Note: The 1099 Processing feature is not included in the Lite Edition.

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