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ShowPro has an E-Mail tool that allows you to send electronic results and backups with ease if you are connected to the internet. When you select E-Mail from the Tools menu the following dialog box is displayed...

Email Dialog

Your e-mail address MUST be entered in the From Email Address box, this only needs to be entered one time, ShowPro will remember it for you. Your full name MUST be entered in the Sender Full Name box, ShowPro will remember this also.

ShowPro comes with three recipients already configured,, and Sport Data, Inc. The Sport Data, Inc recipient is to allow you to easily send a backup to us for support purposes. The recipient is for submitting results to USEF. You can add other recipients by clicking the New button and entering the e-mail address.

The attachment options are None, Backup, USEF Electronic Results, OrgPro Results, Generic Results or Chronicle. if you select a backup or results option ShowPro will automatically create the proper file and attach it to your e-mail.

You can type any appropriate message in the message box.

To send your e-mail click the Send button. An hour glass will appear while your message is being sent. Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of any attachment this may be for several seconds or minutes.

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