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Entries in ShowPro are sorted by entry number within Trainer...

Entries Trainers

This is indicating that this Trainer has 36 entries in the show, and we are currently positioned on the 10th entry. You select the Trainer on an entry with the Trainer Selection dialog while creating an entry but you can change the Trainer using the Trainer drop down list.

Edit Trainer Button

Click the Edit button to edit the information for the currently selected trainer or to add a trainer that is not listed, the Trainers dialog will be displayed...

Trainers Dialog

To create a new Trainer, click the New button. The organization number field and the name fields function exactly as they do on the main entry screen so refer to Creating an Entry for help in adding a new trainer. To delete a trainer click the Delete button. To search for a Trainer, click the Search button. Step through the Trainers by clicking on the Prior Trainer and Next Trainer buttons. When you are done working with Trainers, click the Close button.

Note: The information on the Stalls Report and the Balances Report is reported on a by barn account/trainer basis. A trainer can have an individual account, and they do by default, or they can be associated with a barn account. If an entry does not have a trainer always use the built-in "No Barn Account/Trainer" item which is always the first item in the list, do not create a bogus trainer to use for this purpose, use the built-in item to avoid problems.

The Merge Trainers button can be used to merge duplicate trainers into one and also to merge a bogus "No Trainer" into the bult-in "No Barn Account/Trainer" item which is the proper item to assign to an entry that has no trainer.

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