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Messages Button

To add informational messages to click the Messages button and the following dialog is displayed...

Messages Dialog

There are two types of messages that you can create. "Front Cover" messages are displayed in a large bold font and are for the purpose of creating the cover information of your prize list online. "Normal" messages are created in a normal font and are used for the types of informational messages that might appear inside a prize list/premium book.

Because these messages will be embedded in a web page there are a few elements of HTML which is the language that web pages are created in that you can use to enhance your messages:

<b>This text will be in a bold font</b>

<u>This text will be underlined</u>

<b><u>This text will be bold and underlined</u></b>

This text will have round dots as separaters:

Marshall & Sterling &#149; MASCUP &#149; North American League

As in:

Marshall & Sterling MASCUP North American League

This is what typical "Front Cover" messages look like on

Front Cover Message

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