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Upload Button

To upload your show to click the Upload button or select Upload to from the menu and the following dialog is displayed...

Upload Dialog Needs Key

If you are uploading for the first time when you click the Upload button you will be prompted to log into your account on and show days that you have purchased and have available on your account will be applied to the show.

Upload Show Uploaded

The show has been successfully uploaded. You may now click the Goto button and view the show you have uploaded on the internet.

It's that simple!


Once you've uploaded your show the Upload Downloads in PDF Format button becomes available, this is where you upload the downloads you configured by clicking the Downloads button on the Show Parameters dialog. When you click the Upload Downloads in PDF Format button the following dialog box is displayed...

Upload Downloads Dialog


Click on each item in turn that you want to upload and click the Upload button.

A file open dialog will appear to allow you to select the file to be uploaded for the selected download...

Open Prize List PDF




Navigate to and open the desired PDF file for the selected download.

Upload Downloads With Progress Bar



The file will begin uploading, a progress bar will move across as the file is uploaded.

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