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Show Types/Divisions/Class Template Sets

For disciplines other than Hunter Jumper Class Templates are employed. For some organizations the list of class templates can be quite extensive and it is helpful to categorize the class templates to make them more accessible to the user. This is where Show Types/Divisions/Class Template Sets come in. For the major disciplines and organizations that ShowPro has built-in support for these are pre-configured and you may never need to work with them at all. If you are setting up shows for a local organization you will need to work with them as you'll be creating your class templates from scratch along with the structure that you use to access them.

When you click the Show Types/Divisions/Class Template Sets button on the Edit Organization dialog box the following dialog box is displayed...

Show Types Divs CTS Dialog

Shown are the Arabian USEF pre-configured items. There is a hierarchical relationship here, each list to the right is related to the select item to it's left. Divisions belong to Show Types, Class Template Sets belong to Divisions. If you click around in these lists you'll see the relationships clearly.

Show Types

Show Types are just a top level categorization item, usually you will only have one Show Type the default name of which is "Regular Member Show". In rare circumstances you may have more than one Show Type but you should consider carefully whether you need more than one because it is one more thing you will have to select to get to a given class template. If you only have one Show Type it will not even appear in a list anywhere as it will always be implicitly selected, this is a good thing.


Divisions are types of showing activity more or less related to different disciplines. Normally you will have several Divisions.

Class Template Sets

Class Template Sets are optional. They allow you to group a set of related class templates together under a heading. Some organizations, Arabians and Quarter Horses come to mind, have a very large number of class possibilities, if left in one list under a Division it would be a very long list indeed. Breaking the list up logically into Class Template Sets makes smaller lists and reduces or eliminates any scrolling that you would have to do to find an item in a list. Not every Division will have Class Template Sets under it, in some cases the class templates will be associated directly to the Division. This is preferable unless the number of items in the list makes it difficult to find what you're looking for. Whether you employ a Class Template Set in a particular circumstance is a judgement call, it's a decision you'll have to make.

Again, unless you're setting up to do shows for a local organization the built-in templates will probably serve you well and you may never need to deal with the topic discussed here. If you do have to create your own class templates with Show Types/Divisions/Class Template Sets it is recommended that you study the built-in templates and how they are related to the aforementioned items.


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