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Prize Money Recipients

ShowPro allows complete flexibility in paying prize money when you need it but also has three levels of defaults that will handle the majority of cases. On the Classes Screen on the Prize Money tab there is a Deduct prize money by default check box, if this box is checked prize money will be deducted by default, if it's not checked checks will be issued by default. Right next to that check box is another check box that will override the global default setting for the currently selected class. This allows you to deduct the prize money in general but to issue checks for your Grand Prix for example.

On the Entry screen there is one default prize money payee that is designated by checking the Prize Money check box for that person or entity. The first owner on the entry is checked by default but you can select someone else if appropriate.

Note: If your prize money payee is not an owner or a rider simply add them on as a rider with no classes, you can then make them the default prize money recipient or a recipient for specific classes.

Recipients Button

On the Account tab of the Entries Screen there is a Recipients button, when clicked the following dialog box is displayed....

Prize Money Recipients Dialog

Here you can override the default method of payment and the default recipient on an individual class entry basis by manipulating the drop down lists.

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