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The Standard Edition and above of ShowPro has a tool for minimizing the effort required to prepare the paddock, announcers, and judges clipboards. If you select Tool > Clipboards from the menu the following dialog box is displayed...

Clipboards Dialog

The Clipboards tool is designed to be used to prepare the clipboards for however many rings you are running for a given day. Typically this is done late on the prior day after all the add/scratch slips have been processed.

You set the orders for all of your rings using the tools provided. You can set all the class orders in a ring or amy sub set of classes by checking the box in the first column to select them or by clicking Select All. When you select an order option and click the Set button you are operating on all the classes that have been selected with a check mark. The only exception to this is the custom order option, this operates on the class that is currently highlighted.

Once your orders are set for all rings you can print the entire set of class sheets for the clipboards by clicking Clipboard Class Sheets, ShowPro will prompt you between rings so that you can remove the sheets from the printer and put them on the appropriate clipboard. You can then do the same thing for judges cards with the Clipboard Judges Cards button, this is separated into a separate function because many show use thicker stock to print their judges cards on.

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