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Cloning a Show

The Start Screen









If you have the Standard Edition or above you can clone any existing show by selecting it in the list and clicking the Clone button. This is like creating a show from a template without the template.

When you click the Clone button something like the following will happen...

Clone Show Dialog

If the show is a Hunter JUmper show and has combined sections you'll be able to specify whether the sections should remain combined in the new show...

Template Combined Section

The same is true with individual classes....

Template Combined Class

Then you'll set the start date of the new show...

Clone Start Date

Finally, you'll have an opportunity to set the name of the show and adjust any other parameters.

Clone Show Parameters Dialog

Using the Clone button is functionally identical to creating a show from a template, it's just quicker. If it were not for the fact that you'll clone databases eventually and need templates to duplicate your old shows in the new database the Clone button could completely replace show templates.

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