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AQHA Novice Skill Sets

ShowPro will manage your AQHA Novice Skill Sets in that you can specify which skills the Novice has attained and when classes are entered ShowPro will check for Novice eligibility issues and let you know if there are any.

There are a couple parts that make this work, one is the mappings of the class templates to the skill sets, this is done in Data > AQHA Novice Skill Sets...

AQHA Novice Skill Sets

Novice Button

Then if you click the little ellipsis button that appears next to any Novice member type (Youth or Amateur), a box appears that lets you specify the skill set for the rider....

Skill Sets



This allows you to check off the appropriate skill sets, once you have this in place you will get warnings if inappropriate classes are entered.

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