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Registering OrgPro

The demo version of OrgPro is the full version but will only allow you to import one show. To have the full use of the program requires that you purchase a subscription at by logging into your account.

License Manager Menu Item




To register your copy of copy of OrgPro, click on the License Manager menu item that appears on the File menu.

This will cause the License Manager to be displayed...

The License Manager is used to manage your OrgPro software license...

To register a license on your computer from your account on

To remove your license from the computer which will restore the license into your account on making it available to be registered on a different computer..

Note: It is very important that before uninstalling the software for any reason, or taking the computer in for service, that you remove the license from the computer first and restore it into your account on

To register OrgPro, click the Register button on the License Manager dialog, you will be prompted to log into your account and your subscription will be acquired.

Remove License Button

The Remove button is used to remove the license from the computer system. This will cause the software to revert to the demo. The removed license will be restored into your account on allowing it to be registered on a different computer, perhaps a newly purchased one.