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Getting Started

To start using OrgPro to manage your organizations members and horses and the points that they are awarded you first have to do the initial setup of your organization. This is not difficult and only involves a few steps. Some of the items you need to setup rely on other items so there is a particular order that should be followed in your initial setup.

In general what you should do is start at the top of the Data menu and work your way down. A starter organization and show season will already have been created for you as they are needed to open OrgPro, you should edit these items to suit your actual organization.

The first time you select Organization from the data menu the following dialog box will be displayed...

Configure Organization Dialog


Edit the name of the organization, it's state abbreviation, and it's acronym to suit for your actual organization.

There are several options for determining eligibility for horses and riders to receive points.







Set the months that are used to establish the age of people and horses.

Categories allow you to have parallel sets of standings such as Local and Regular for example. They can member/horse or show based. This is an advanced function that you should probably discuss with us before using, if you're not sure whether you should check the Use categories box don't check it.

OrgPro can assign membership and recording numbers automatically or you may manually enter your existing numbers.

You can use national numbers such as USEF for your numbers, we don't actually recommend this but you can do it.

If you have existing data from another program that needs to be converted, contact us; we may be able to help.

Configure Org Completed Dialog


Your completed organization will look something like this.












This organization uses show based categories.




They have the optional RSMH Server.

The next item you need to work on is your Show Season, it also has been created for you and you just need to edit it.

Setting up your organization properly is very important because you are deciding what your horse shows will consist of for the entire season. You are much better off taking your time, doing the proper planning, and making sure that this job gets done right. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us.

This is what you have to do to set up your organization, and why:

You must define at least one Show Type. OrgPro allows an organization to have multiple show types and points are maintained separately for each one. It's desireable to have one show type, but if you will be hosting shows that fall into different categories, with different championships, it is important that you create a show type for each one. For example you may have:

  • Regular member
  • C Circuit
  • Pony

You may need to define Categories. Some organizations offer separate championships for the same section depending on some criteria, usually geographical, like Local or Regional. OrgPro provides support for this with Categories. If you think you need these you should talk to us about it, you may only need one show type and no categories but otherwise getting the right mix of show types and categories can be tricky.

You must define a Show Season. This keeps your horse shows for a season grouped together so that championships can be determined. It is simply a matter of assigning a name, such as MYHJA 2015, and specifying the ending date of the season.

If your discipline is other than Hunter Jumper you must define the Divisions that you will have. As far as OrgPro is concerned Divisions are just a grouping of sections. In Hunter Jumper the divisions are predetermined.

You must define the Sections that you will be maintaining points for in each divisions, a section is a set of end of year standings, you will have a set of standings for each section that you create. This is not difficult but it is very important that this is done correctly. It is important that you only include sections that you will award a championship for at the end of the show season. Each Section that you define will be associated with a Division which will in turn be associated with a Show Type.

You must define your organizations Member Types. These are the different categories of members that you will have such as Junior, Amateur, and Professional. This member type will be printed on the membership card. OrgPro has a built in Non Member member type that cannot be modified.

You are not required to but you will certainly want to set up Mailing List categories. This will enable you to generate mailing lists for various purposes such as prize lists or news letters. The mailing lists are used for generating mailing labels and also for bulk emailing.

You must define at least one Location. You may have one or many locations. This is where the horse shows are held. Depending on your circumstances the location may not be a physical location, it could be a region or zone for example.

To summarize, OrgPro has a set of parameters that define how your organization works. If your organization is straightforward (some are believe it or not!) then setting the parameters will be very straightforward as well, otherwise there is a lot of flexibility in these parameters and many organizations with very different requirements have been accomodated. Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs, we are happy to help you configure your OrgPro.

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