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Show Types

Show Types are just categories of point keeping basically. Some organizations sanction different types or categories of shows and Show Types just keep the points management logically organized and presented.

Most organizations will only need one Show Type, some may have several.

To define your Show Types select Show Types from the Data menu and the following dialog will appear...

Show Types Dialog

This form of dialog box called a list editor is used frequently in OrgPro to give names to the various items that define your organization.

To add an item, click the New button and a new item will be added to the box. If you click on that item in the box, it will appear in the edit box below. You can then edit the text.

To add a Show Type, click the New button:

New Show Type



A "New Show Type" will be added to the box. You may now edit the text in the box below.

Add as many Show Types as you you will be maintaining points for:

Show Types Complete

This organization will be maintaining points and awarding separate championships for three different Show Types.

If you're unsure what show types you should have please contact us and we'll discuss your specific situation.

Division sections will be associated with each of these show types and standings will be maintained for each of the sections separately.

Click Close and you're done.

Once you've created your Show Types the next step is to create your Divisions.

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