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Points Tables

OrgPro provides complete flexibility in awarding of points. One of the major components of the points system are the tables that are used for assigning the correct number of points.

There are two types of tables that are available in OrgPro. These two table types can accommodate any table based point system.

The Points Tables Dialog

Tables by Name are just that, tables that you create and assign a name to. You use Tables by Name when you don't require the extra flexibility of a Table by Division and Rating. For many organizations, one or two Tables by Name will be all they need to set up the foundation for their points system. Other organizations may use several Tables by Name and/or Tables by Division and Rating. The key point here is that any increment or straight points system can be accommodated by these tables.

New Button

Click the New button to create a new Table

Enter Table Name

If the Table by Name tab is currently selected, enter an appropriate name for your points table.

Division/Rating Dialog

If the By Division and Rating tab is selected, select any combination of divisions and ratings that you want the points to be determined by this particular table.

New Row Button

To create a new row in your table, click the New Row button.

Table With New Row

The Low range of the first row defaults to 3 but you can set it to anything you like. Usually 3 entrants are required in a class for points to be awarded.

Set the High range for the row. For a straight points system set the high range to 99 and create only the one row.

You have the option to set points to be awarded to the Champions and Reserve champions of the section at the show.

The final step is to set the points to be awarded for each place. For ultimate flexibility, fields are provided for up to 12th place.

A complete points table might look like the table below. This particular table will not award points for championships at the show.

Completed Points Table

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