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Horses Screen Features

At the top of the horses screen all the basic horse information is maintained.

Top of Horses Screen

To change information on this screen, just type it in. There is no need to press enter.

If recording numbers are being assigned automatically, the recording number is assigned each time a horse is added to the database. Recording numbers begin at 1251 and each new horse is assigned the next available number in the series. We recommend that these numbers be assigned for life and that you do not remove horses from the database and reassign numbers to other horses. The determining factor in whether a horse is a recorded is not that they are in the database but that their dues are current. OrgPro knows whether or not they are recorded so you don't have to worry about it.

The Owner # field contains the owner's membership number. If you type in the owners number and press Enter, the owners name will update immediately. Pressing Enter is not required but give you the immediate feed back that you have the intended owner.

Note: Most organizations require that the person registering the horse also be a current member of the organization but you can specify that the owner and/or the rider, or neither, must be a member to get points.

The horses points are in the center section of the horses screen.

The Horses Points

The Section drop down box will contain any sections that the horse has accrued points in. When you select a different section, the points for that section will be displayed.

Across the top is displayed:

  • The current section (in the prop down box)
  • Current selected section / number of sections
  • The horses standing in the section
  • The Show Type
  • The Location

Contained in the table is:

  • The class number
  • The name of the class
  • The name of the horse show
  • The riders name
  • The place
  • The number of entries in the class
  • The points awarded

If points are being awarded for show championships, a second table will appear with the details and totals for those points and the total points will be displayed to the left. Otherwise the total points are displayed at the bottom of the class points table.

Notice the pop up menu in the picture above. Right clicking on the table will cause this menu to appear. With the Reallocate Points option you can move points that have been awarded in error to another horse:

There are a set of buttons underneath the Class Points Table, these buttons which are described below are used to operate on either the Class Points Table or the Championships Points Table if your organization awards extra opoints for champion and reserve.

Goto Points Button

When you click the Go To Points button you will be taken to the Points Screen and the Show, Class, and selected place or championship will be selected.

Reallocate Points Button

The Reallocate Points button is used to move points from one member to another, probably because applied incorrectly to begin with.

Reallocate Horse Points Dialog

By entering in another horses number you can move the points for the selected row in the table to that horse.

Checking the Reallocate All box will cause all the points for the selected section to be transferred.

Revoke Button

The Revoke Button is used to revoke the points for the currently selected place or standing.

Revoke All Button

The Revoke All Button is used to revoke all the points for the currently selected section.

Unrevoke All Button

The Unrevoke All button is used to reverse a revoke all. The points will be restored to their original values.

Override Button

The Override Button is used to control precisly the number of points that are awarded when for whatever reason the standard points that are awarded are inappropriate.

Override Dialog

When you click the button the dialog box to the left is displayed. You enter in the number of points desired and you can also enter in a reason for your future reference.

If an override already exists on a place or a championship it's points and reason will be displayed and you can cancel it using the Cancel Override button, the points will be restored to standard values.

At the bottom of the screen is the horses button panel.

The Horses Button Panel

New Button

To add a new horse click the New button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Delete Button

To remove a horse click the Delete button.

Prior Next Horse

Use these buttons to step to the prior or next horse in the database.

Refresh Button

The Refresh button saves everything on the screen out to disk and then reads it back in. Data is stored automatically in OrgPro, there's no reason normally to use this button but it is provided for situations where you want to store the data without leaving the screen you are on.

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