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Using The Points Screen

The Points Screen

The green highlighting indicates that the horse receives the points for the selected class, not the rider.

Down the left side are all the shows that have been imported from ShowPro or created within OrgPro. Each time you import or create a show, another item is added to the list.

In the center is the list of classes from the show that is selected on the left.

On the right are the results of the selected class in the center.

In the lower right section of the screen is all the information that pertains to the place that is selected in the places table on the right side of the screen and any champion/reserve information if applicable.

The numbers in the place table are member numbers or recording numbers depending on the type of class selected. If it's a hunter or jumper class, they are horse recording numbers. If it's an Equitation class, they are membership numbers.

Notice that some of the places in the places table to the right have a number of zero. The reason, is that either this horse was not in the ShowPro database at the show as a recorded horse of the organization, or the horse is just not recorded with the organization. If it really is a recorded horse, you can enter the horses number directly into the table or into the Horse No. field and press Enter. The horses number will appear in the place, and if the horses Date Fee Paid is prior to the first day of the show, points will be awarded.

Depending on the type of class involved the same thing can happen with people and you handle it in the same way except that you use the Rider No. field and the riders member number.

The following fields are used to enter results for shows. If you are importing results from ShowPro, these fields will automatically be updated. In this case you may still use these fields to make corrections. If you have created a show within OrgPro, you will be using these fields to manually set the results for your show. You can also enter membership or recording numbers directly into the table, membership numbers if the points are going to the rider, recording number if the points are going to the horse. To set the rider where the points are going to the horse or the horse where the points are going to the rider you must use the fields described below.

These fields are used to identify the rider and horse for each place:

Rider Membership Number Field

If you have the riders membership number, enter it into the Rider No. field and press Enter. This will record this person as the rider for the currently selected place. You can change the rider on a place by changing the existing number and pressing Enter.

Rider Name Field

If you don't have the membership number, type the riders name into the Rider Name field and press Enter.

Rider Names Popup

A list of the closest matches from the database will pop up. If one of these names it the actual person, press Enter. Otherwise, press Esc. If the person is not a member, set the rider number to zero. The persons name will be retained for posting on web pages and results reports, but no points will be awarded.

Horse Recording Number Field

If you have the horses recording number, enter it into the Horse No. field and press Enter. This will record this horse for the currently selected place. You can change the horse on a place by changing the existing number and pressing Enter.

Horse Name Field

If you don't have the recording number, type the horses name into the Horse Name field and press Enter.

Horse Name Pop Up - One Horse

If there is an exact match, a box will pop up with the one or more horses that exactly match that name. The horse name will have the owners last name concatenated to hep you determine if you have the correct horse. If you see the correct horse, click on it to highlight it and press Enter.

Partial Horse Name

It is not necessary to type in the entire horses name before pressing Enter.


The box will popup with a list of the closest matches with owner names attached. If you see the correct horse, click on it to highlight it and press Enter. Being able to type in just the first few characters of the horses name can speed up data entry considerably.

Note: When you record a place the places table field will automatically advance to the next field. This makes it faster and easier to enter results.

Refresh Points Button

The Refresh Show Points button quickly recalculates and refreshes all the points for the selected show. Also see Update Show Points.

Post Process Points Btn

If you have sections that require it you may have the Post Process Points button. This comes into play when you have a min or max number of shows set on one or more sections.

Post Processing Required

When you have these kinds of points mechanisms in place any change that occurs in a set of points has the potential to alter points anywhere in the set. If you're tracking a horses best 10 shows for example every new show that the horse participates in has the potential to change the ten best shows. So when potential arises OrgPro highlights in red the placings that need to be post processed to alert you that you need to perform this function.

Not In Top Ten

The magenta color indicates that the placing was not in the top 10 shows for this horse. This is a visual aid to help you understand at a glance why the points are zero so you don't have to investigate further.

Other colors are used, yellow for example is used to indicate revoked or overridden points. These colors are used on the members and horses screens as well.

These fields are used to set other important points determining information:

Number Exhibitors

If you are using increment tables, the number of exhibitors is crucial in determining points. Shows imported from ShowPro will already have this set providing the show secretary verified the entries. If you've created your own show within OrgPro, you set the number of entries manually here.

Money Field

If you are awarding one point per dollar won as is often done for Jumper sections, enter the prize money into the Money field. Shows imported from ShowPro will already have this set.

Sections Drop Down

The Sections Drop Down can be used to set the sections on an individual place basis. This could become necessary when sections are combined.

The Set Section Dialog Box

The Set button gives you access to the compete list of sections configured for your organization. There are also Non Sanctioned sections for each division.

Whether you imported your horse show from ShowPro or created it yourself in OrgPro, the section will be set for you. The Sections Drop Down allows you to change section within the same show type and division. The Set button goes even further and allows you to set the section to any section at all, including to one of the Non Sanctioned sections.


Set Rating

If you are using increment tables by division and rating the rating of the sections becomes crucial for properly assigning points. To set your ratings for your sections, click the Set button.

The Ratings Dialog Box






You can set the rating for each individual section to AA, A, B, C, or NR.

For Hunter Jumpers if your points system is configured to award extra points for champion and reserve the following table will be available to display and/or enter the required information. You can use the New button to create a new championship item, set the standing with the drop down. Type in the horse and rider number and press Enter after each to pull the name from the database.

Show Championship Fields

Right Click Set Champ

The best and easiest way to add a champion or reserve is to right click in the place cell and select Champion or reserve from the menu that pops up.

The menu will only appear if a championship is possible for the section and the selected place has already been awarded points for placing.

First Class Check Box

If you are awarding championship points based on the number of entrants in the first class, that class is identified by checking this box. Shows imported from ShowPro will have this box checked for you.

Multiplier Group Box

The multiplier gives you the ability to weight points by a factor. The factor is normally 1.0 but it can be set from 0.1 to 9.9.

Set Multiplier Dialog

Clicking the Set button allows you to set the multiplier for whatever classes you select.

Multipliers are used when a particular show, section, or class requires something other than straight points for whatever reason.

Class Groups Button

Class Groups come into play when you have two or more sections mapped to a single section but you need to establish the first class over fences for points determination purposes. When you click the Class Groups button the following dialog box is displayed...

Class Groups Dialog

Here we have First and Second Year Green Hunter. These were imported from ShowPro as Green Working Hunter because this organization recognizes only Green Working Hunter and doesn't offer separate year end championships for First and Second Year Green Hunter. Setting the Group for the first year classes to zero and the Group for the second year classes to 1 gives OrgPro enough information to determine the first class over fences. If your points system has Use number of entrants from first class over fences checked this will be important if you import mapped sections from ShowPro.

Goto Horse Rider Buttons

The Go To Horse and Go To Rider buttons take you to the Horses or Members Screens and positions you on the horse or rider from the currently selected place.

Edit Show Button

You can edit an existing show by clicking the Edit Show button. See Creating a Show for more information.

Export Show Button

You can export a show by clicking the Export button. This exports a show in the same format as ShowPro, which means that this exported show can be imported into OrgPro. If you have one person managing points for an organization, and another managing the membership, each with their own copy of OrgPro, the points manager can export shows for import by the membership manager. There are also ways available for the points manager to import membership data from the membership manager.

View Show Button

You can View the results for a show in the Report Viewer which is the best place to find potential problems with your points.

Upload Show Button

The Upload button is used to upload an individual show to a RSMH (Results, Standings, Members, Horses) database if you have an RSMH capable account with Sport Data.

Why Button

If a horse or rider has zero points the Why button will tell you... well, why.

Delete Place Button

Depending on what is currently selected the Delete button will read Delete Show, Delete Class, or Delete Place. If one of these items is not selected the button will not be visible. This button allows you to delete anything from a single place up to an entire show.

Delete Classes Button

The same delete button mentioned above, if the classes list is the selected list, and the shift key on the keyboard is pressed, becomes a Delete Classes button, and if clicked the following class selection dialog box is displayed...

Delete Classes Dialog





This gives you the ability to select multiple classes and delete them as sometimes you might want to do if a show you imported has classes that are not recognized by your organization.

Don't Post Results

Checking this box will prevent the selected show from being posted to the web site.

Don't Count Toward Max Shows

This check box will only be visible if you're using the Max Shows option, it allows you to not consider the selected show as one of the max shows.

Cloning Shows

Clone Show

Some organizations sanction lots of shows (even hundreds) that have to be manually entered and are identical to each other. In this case it is very helpful to be able to clone a show that has already been created and make a new show that already has all the classes in it.

On the Points screen if you select a show that you want to clone, hold down the shift key on the keyboard while clicking the Edit button, the dialog to the left will be displayed.

If you click yes the currently selected show will be cloned into a new show and you will be taken to the Show Screen where you can set the name, dates, and location appropriately.

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