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Using Update Show Points

Update Show Points Button

At the bottom of the Points Screen is the Update Show Points Button.

In the Point Screen Basics section we described the situation where we had zero in the places instead of organization numbers. We discussed how to plug in numbers and press Enter to update points on an individual place basis.

The Update Show Points button does this same thing but does it automatically, with a little help from you, for an entire show.

When you click Update Show Points OrgPro, if it finds any zeros in the places, will present you with opportunities to correct the situation.

Identify Horse Dialog

This is asking you if you can identify the horse Grand Tour. The horses to the right are horses from the database. The owners of the horses are added to the horses name as an aid in identifying them. Bear in mind that there may be a typographical error in the horses name or a misspelling that caused it to not be recognized at the show.

If you can match the horse on the left to one of those in the box on the right, click on the horse in the box to highlight it and then click Yes. In this case there is not a match, so you would click No. The top bar graph is indicating how far you are through the overall process of updating the show points. The bottm bar graph is indication how good of a match the currently selected horse is, in this case not very good.

Identify Rider Dialog

You will also have situations with riders that you will handle exactly as described above.

Again, there is no match and you would click No.

Idintify Horse With Hint


Either or both the horse and rider dialogs may pop up multiple times, each time with a new situation that OrgPro is requesting your help with. When the Update Show Points process is complete the following dialog box will be displayed.

Update Show Points Success!

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