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Updating the Web Site

There are two steps to updating the web site, both quite easy. First you must update the local web pages. The local web pages are an exact duplicate of your site on the web but they reside on the local hard drive of your computer system. Specifically they reside in a folder called "HTML" that is a sub-folder of the "ORGPRO" folder, which is where your OrgPro program resides.

Update Local

To update the local web pages select Update Local from the Web menu. The message to the left will be displayed. You may now select Site from the Web menu and browse the local web site.

The next step is to update the web pages on the remote site. You can set OrgPro up to launch the FTP program of your choice. Updating the remote site is a matter of launching your FTP program and copying the "HTML\RESULTS" and the "HTML\STANDINGS" folders to your web site.

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