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Member and Recording Cards

You have the option to print single cards, which may occasionally be necessary, or to process cards, which is to process many cards in a batch. You will probably more often process cards in a batch.

In either case you will first be presented with the Label Options Dialog.

Label Options Dialog

Select Dot matrix or Laser and ink jet and select the Label product. Then click Ok.

The Label Print Manager will then appear in one of several forms.

Label Manager

If your using a laser or ink jet printer you will be able to set the column and row where the printing will start. This allows you to use partial sheets of labels and avoids wasting any. You can also select from the list where the printing should start. If you are using card stock,there are ten labels on each sheet. You can select the 10th, or 20th label from the bottom, again avoiding wasting any labels.

When you click Start, your cards will begin printing.

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