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Points System

Setting up your points system is a matter of assigning an increment table or other points determining mechanism to each section that you have configured for your organization.

Points System Dialog

For non Hunter Jumper breed/disciplines it will look something like this...

Points System Non Hunter JUmper

The Categories will only appear if your organization is using categories, in the above example categories are being used to separate points by region, one of several possible uses.

With a few mouse clicks you can set one of the following points awarding options for each of your sections:

Set Others Like This Button

This button displays a list of all the sections in your current list minus the currently selected section.

Any sections you you select from this list will be set the same as the currently selected section. This is a very powerful tool that if used properly can make configuring your points system extremely easy. It is a good idea to set any common elements (they all may be common) in one section and then use this tool to set the rest. Then any changes that affect a limited number of sections can be made to one section and you may possibly use this tool again to propagate those changes to other sections.

No Championship

Provided for completeness. No points will be awarded. Normally you don't include sections that aren't pointed.

Table by Division and Rating

Points will be awarded using the table that matches the Division which will always remain the same, and the rating of the section, which may vary from one show to the next

Table by Name

Points will be awarded using the specified Table by Name.

One Point Per Dollar Won

One point will be awarded for each dollar won.

Number Placed Over Plus 1

The points awarded will be the number of entrants placed over plus 1.

Medal Qualification

Used for Medal Sections, you must create a Medal Qualifier and associate it using the drop down box.

The above options set the main points determining mechanism for the selected section. There are also several options that provide additional points determining capability and flexibility.

Horse Points, Rider Points, and Horse Rider Points set who the points are awarded to, this is done on an individual section basis for maximum flexibility.

Use first class over fences

If checked the number of entrants from the first class over fences will be used for all classes in the section.

Model classes get half points

If checked any class in the section with the word "Model" in its name will receive half the points than would otherwise be awarded.

Limit classes get half points

If checked any class in the section with the word "Limit" in its name will receive half the points than would otherwise be awarded.

Add Number of Entrants to Table Points

The number of entrants will be added to the table points. Another way of basing the points on the competitiveness of the class.

Special Class Handling Button

Special classes such as Classics can be setup to be handled, well ...specially. See below for details. The 1 on the button is indicating that there is 1 special handler set for the selected section.

Minimum Number of Shows

Allows you to specify that the horse or rider must place in a minimum number of shows for points to count.

Maximum Number of Shows

Allows you to specify that only points from the horse or riders best X number of shows will count.

Carry Over Points

Allows you to have points after a specified date be applied to next years show season rather than the current show season. In next years show season, once it's created, when you select Process Carry Over Points on the Data menu, all the shows containing carry over points will be copied from the previous season and points will be awarded based on eligibility in the previous season. Only classes of sections with carry over configured in the previous season are copied. This is typically used for medals that do not fall within the normal start date, end date parameters of the show season.

Although you can configure points to be awarded to show champions and reserve champions in your tables, OrgPro also allows you set other scenarios for awarding points to show champions and reserve champions. These are set by checking the box and then selecting an option from the drop down box and setting the n parameter. The currently supported options are as follows:

n x first place points/first class over fences

The first place points of the first class over fences in the section will be multiplied by the n parameter to determine the points.

Award n points

The n parameter number of points will be awarded.


Categories are optional and if they are not configured the Categories box will not appear. The Categories box allows you to set which sections belong to which categories. See Categories for more information.

Optionally you can specify on a per section basis a Trophy, Donator, and Sponsor. This information is used by OrgPro when it generates historical championships web pages for your web site.

OrgPro allows you to set up special handling for classes such as Classics or any other special class that may have special pointing requirements. When you click the Special Class Handling button the following dialog box is displayed...

Special Class Handling Dialog

The way this works is you set a "trigger" which is some text that will appear in the name of the special class. If special class handling is configured for a section and OrgPro finds a configured trigger in the name of the class the point determining will be done using the special handler settings. A section can have more than one special handler configured and rarely this may be the case.

Whichever of the 3 primary points determining mechanisms you select will override the option set for the section. You may use Table by name in both cases but specify a different table for example or you may use the same table but add a multiplier.

The Use number of entrants from the class if applicable check box if checked causes OrgPro to use the the number of entrants from the class itself rather than the first class over fences. If you have the Use number of entrants from first class over fences option set for you section checking this box will cause that setting to be ignored for the special class, the number of entrants in the special class will be used which most likely is what you want.

The Add number of entrants to table points check box can be used to either add the number of entrants to the table points or prevent them from being added.

It is highly recommended that you use the Set Others Like This button to set up your special class handlers if at all possible. It potentially can make this task very easy.

As shown below you can create "Helpers" that will further automate your points processing. You will have situations when importing results (especially non ShowPro results, i.e. USEF results) where classes are combined but the placings are not identified (coded) by the combine criteria, Helpers can handle this for you if you have the sizes, ages, or other applicable criteria defined in your data.

Below the Horse Size on Large Pony Hunter is set to L (Large), the Excluded Codes is set to 7 which is the Small/Medium Pony Hunter, and it's set to map to Small/Medium Pony Hunter on horse size. Assuming the Small/Medium Pony Hunter has sizes set to S and M if a small/medium pony places in a large pony class the code on that placing will be set to 7, the Small/Medium Pony Hunter code.

The same can be done with any of the other criteria as appropriate for the particular section.

Note that Horse Age and rider age are expressed as: <=18, <4, 2-3, >35, <=36, 12-14, you're saying that they are less than, less than or equal, greater than, greater than or equal, or with the minus sign specifying a range of ages.


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