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Creating a Show

Although horse show results can be imported from ShowPro or USEF electronic results, which dramatically reduces the effort required to manage points for your organization, there is a need to create a show manually in some cases.

To create a show in OrgPro select Create Show from the File menu.

OrgPro supports sub shows (two or more identical or similar shows combined into a single show, commonly referred to as split combined shows), and, for breed/disciplines other than Hunter Jumper, multiple judges. You will first be asked if the show is a split combined show (do you need sub shows)...

Split Combined Message Box

Note: Sub shows are very common in Quarter Horse and other stock breed shows, if your organization is Hunter Jumper you probably won't have sub shows.

If you answer Yes the next thing you'll see is this...

Sub Shows Empty

You will create an item for each of your sub shows setting a name and a color.

Sub Shows Full

Similar to as shown to the left.

And you'll have a set of buttons to interact with your sub shows....

The Create Show Screen

If you didn't configure sub shows you won't have the sub show buttons...

Show Screen With Out Sub Shows

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