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Using the Create Show Page

Creating a show is simply a matter of setting the location, name, the dates, and adding the classes using the list of sections that you configured when you set up your organization.

The Create Show Screen

Sub Show Buttons

If you specified that you were using sub shows you'll have sub show selector buttons to the lower right of your classes table. These allow you to select sub shows individually

or to select all sub shows and additionally whether to stack or interleave the classes for the sub shows. If you have All selected every action you perform will be performed on all sub shows, if your sub shows are identical, which they frequently are, this is a very powerful labor saving option. If your sub shows are not identical you should stick to using the S1, S2... buttons.

The Locations Drop Down

The Locations drop down contains the locations that you have configured for your organization. Select the location of the horse show from the list.

Show Name Edit Box

Type the name for your horse show into the Name edit box.

Show Dates

Set the start and end dates for your show using the drop down calendars provided.

At this point the only task remaining is adding the classes to your show. Each class belong to a section and adding a class is a simple matter of selecting the section and then clicking the Add button (the hand pointing to the right) to add the class to the show.

Show Types Drop Down

If you have more than one show type you will have a list of sections for each than can be selected with the Show Types drop down. If you only have one show type it is implicitly selected and the drop down box will not appear.

Divisions Drop Down

Your list of sections is sub-divided by division to make it easier to locate each section in the list. Select the division from the Divisions drop down.

Sections List Box

Now click on the section that the class you want to add belongs to and click the Class Add button to add the class to your show.

If you're using sub shows make sure you have the appropriate sub show(s) selected before you push the class over - with the All button selected you can build all sub shows at the same time assuming they are identical.

If you have Insert selected the class will be inserted before the currently selected row. If you also have Smart Numbering checked the classes will be renumbered to the next break in the numbering. Smart numbering will also happen when deleting or moving classes up or down, it's important to pay attention to this setting to get the desired outcome.

Class Up Button

Click on the Class Up button to move a class up in the order.

Class Add Button

Click on the Class Add button to add a class to the show.

Class Remove Button

Click on the Class Remove button to remove a class from the shows.

Class Down Button

Click on the Class Down button to move a class down in the order.

Your completed show will look something like this...

Completed Show Screen

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