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Some organizations offer multiple championships for the same section usually based on some geographic distinction like Local, Regional, Regular, etc. This is to allow two or more levels of competition. Obviously the horse/rider that only competes at the local shows is not going to be very competitive in the year end standings against a horse/rider that shows throughout the zone, region, or country.

To implement these multiple levels of competition all you need to do is define Categories. If you do not have multiple levels of competition then you will simply turn Categories off in your organization and not define any Categories.

Categories can also be member/horse based or show based, in the former the member or horse belong to the category, in the latter the show belongs to the category.

Note: Categories can be difficult to wrap your head around and there are some nuances that can add to the confusion. Your points system will be simpler if you can avoid using them but they may be required to satisfy your organizations rules. If you're considering using Categories you should probably call us to discuss it unless you're certain of what you're doing and all the ramifications.

To create Categories select Categories from the Data menu and the following dialog box is displayed...

Categories Dialog

This is basically a list editor with some special features.

To the left you'll see that "Local" and "Regular" Categories have been created which is a fairly typical configuration for Categories when thet are used.

For the Local Category the "Treat as non-rated regardless of rating" box has been checked, this means that if your points are affected by the rating of the show points for this category will use the non-rated rating regardless of what the rating of the show is. This is another playing field leveling mechanism that your organization may or may not make use of.

Each Category can be associated zero or more Show Types. In some organizations categories are used for one Show Type and not another.

Note: If you have questions about Categories or any other aspect of your organization setup please call us.

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