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Server Side RSMH Web Site Support

The server side web content approach uses a database resident on the web server along with special programming, also on the web server, to dynamically produce RSMH (Results, Standings, Members, and Horses) content. This approach is more powerful than the template based solution, allows more flexibility in the way that data is displayed, and allows a greater depth of information to be accessed. Entire show records can be accessed for members and horses spanning multiple showing seasons.

The server side approach requires special programming on the server and for that reason can only be hosted on the Sport Data web server. You must have a web site hosted with Sport Data or alternatively you can obtain from us a RSMH account that will host only your RSMH content with the rest of your web site hosted on another server.

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Configuring Web Upload

Uploading RSMH Data

Upload Management

Uploading Org data

Downloading Org Data

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