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Uploading RSMH Data

There are several different ways to upload RSMH data to the web server, each with it's own purpose...

Upload Season

You should select Web/Upload/Upload Season at the beginning of a new season or to upload a past season that is not yet resident on the server. This function uploads everything, all organization data, all shows, all members and horses.

Upload Members/Horses

Selecting Web/Upload/Members/Horses from the menu causes the members and horse to be uploaded. If you have separate Membership and Points Secretaries your Membership Secretary will use this function to update the members and horses on the web site.

Upload Show

Upload Show Button Clicking the Upload button on the Points Screen will upload the currently selected show to the web site. This is the results and updated standing are posted to the web site when a new show has been added.

Upload Sections

Selecting Upload Sections from the menu causes the list of configured sections to be uploaded to the web server. This can be used if a section is added mid season or if you adjust the order of your sections in the list and you want them to appear on the web in that order.

Refresh Web Data

This is a menu item available on both the Members and the Horses menus if you have an RSMH account or enabled web site. It pertains to the currently selected member or horse. You must have a connection to the internet to use it. What it does is reconcile the points for the currently selected season on the web with what you currently have in OrgPro for the currently selected member or horse. If you make a points change that affects a limited number of members or horses, i.e adding/removing points or moving points from one member/horse to another, this function can be used to upload those changes without having to upload the entire show. After using this function the show record for the currently selected season on the web should agree perfectly with what you have in OrgPro.

Show Upload Dialog

Upload Show Complete Dialog


Selecting any of the above functions with the exception of Refresh Web Points will cause an upload dialog box similar to this one to be displayed. With Refresh Web Points the cursor will change to an hour glass while the function is being performed.

Clicking the Upload button will start the upload.




Messages will be displayed indicating progress and eventual success. If your upload does not succeed please contact Sport Data.


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