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Uploading Org data

You have the option to upload all your organization data or only the data that has changed since the last upload. OrgPro keeps track of what data changes between uploads so that it can offer you this option of only uploading the changed data.

You would want to upload all your data if:

  • You are providing it to a new show secretary that has not received data from you before.
  • You are providing it to a show secretary that has not kept up to date and imported the data that you have provided previously but now wants to be brought up to date.

Uploading only the changes results in a much smaller file and is the best choice under normal circumstances.

To export organization data, click Upload All Org Data or Upload Org Data Changes on the Web/Server menu and the following dialog will be displayed after a few seconds...

Upload Org Data Dialog



To start the upload click the Upload button. Progree information will be displayed in the window. Depending on the speed of your internet connection and whether you are uploading an update or all the organization data the upload will take a few seconds or a few minutes.

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