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Importing Joined At Show

Note: This feature is supported only if OrgPro is set to assign membership and recording numbers automatically. Currently this feature is not supported if members or horses are set to join on an individual section basis, this limitation may be addressed in a future release.

OrgPro has the ability to import from ShowPro people that joined at the show and horses that were recorded at the show. ShowPro has a facility to allow the show secretary to flag these people and horses on a per organization basis and to export them along with the results. Importing this data in has the potential to save the organizations membership secretary a considerable amount of work.

OrgPro has a powerful tool to for the membership secretary to use that ensures that the data is imported as intended. To use this tool select Import Joined At Show from the Data menu.

If you do you just need to read the message and make the appropriate decision. Through out this entire process OrgPro will be looking out for your interests and doing everything possible to prevent a mistake from being made.

Note: When you're performing this process you should have the paper membership and recording forms to refer to for validation of the information that is being imported.

The importer tool has three tabs. The first tab has people that joined and may or may not have horses associated with them that were also recorded at the show. One thing that the importer is going to do is keep horses associated with their owners as OrgPro requires. The first tab will look something like this...

Joined At Show People Owners Horses

The selected person has a horse associated with them that was recored at the show. Note that the person has an existing member number, this is a renewal. Note that the horse does not have a recording number, this is a new recording.

There are three buttons at the bottom, these buttons cause persons and horses to be moved to the People / Horses Ready to Import tab. They do not cause any actual importing to occur, the importing is done in a final step.

The Import Person / All Horses button is not available because the person only has one horse associated with them. If they had more than one horse it would be available as a convenience to allow you to move all the horses to the Horses Ready to Import tab.

The Import Person / Horse button is available and is almost certainly the button you would use in this situation.

The Import Person button is also available but since this person has a horse you would not use it under normal circumstances. If you did use it in this situation OrgPro would warn you that if you continue you will lose the opportunity to import this horse. The button is available in this situation only because it is concievable that you may have good reason for not wanting to import this horse, perhaps there is a problem with the paper recording form.

You have the ability to edit all the information on the people and horses and in fact for new members you must set the member type and category if applicable and for new horses you must set the category if applicable.

As you click the import buttons the people and horses will disappear from the People / Owners / Horses tab and be moved to the People / Horses Ready to Import tab.

When you're done with the People / Owners / Horses tab you'll move on to the Horses Without Owners tab which looks like this...

Joined At Show Horses Without Owners

The horse in the upper left corner were recorded at the show but their owners didn't join at the show, most likely because they are already members. The list of Potential Owner Matches is a list of the entire membership. In the example above the owners name came in from ShowPro as Diane Sheets and we have a member with a name that matches perfectly. When the Import Horse button is clicked the horse will be moved to the People / Horses Ready to Import tab and it will be associated with the selected person as it's owner. A horse can not be imported here without being associated with an existing member as it's owner.

Eventually all the people and horses that you have elected to import will have been moved to the People / Horses Ready to Import tab. When you click on that tab you will see something like this...

Joined at Show Ready to Import

You now have a list of people and horses ready to be imported into your database. You have controled the process that brought them to this point. You have had the opportunity to correct any wrong information and to add any missing information. Hopefully you've had the paper membership and recording forms at your side and you can now confidently commit these people and horses to your database.

When you click the Import button each member and horse will be assigned a paid date of the day before the first day of the show that they were imported from. This satisfies OrgPro's requirement that people and horses must be marked as paid prior to the first day of a show to be eligible for points from that show.

This is what you will see after clicking the Import button...

Joined at Show Imported

The people are now displayed with their membership number and an indication of whether they renewed or are new members. The horses are now displayed with their recording number and an indication of whether they renewed or are new recorded horses.

The people and horses have now been added to the database. It is highly recommended that you click the Print Report button at this point and generate a record of the members and horses that joined at this show for your files and/or to provide to your points secretary if that person is someone other than yourself....


Joined at Show Report

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