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Calendar Editor

ShowPro has a Calendar Editor that you can use to manage your show calendar. If you host your web site with us or have the RSMH Server you may be able to use OrgPro to post your calendar to the web site with a single mouse click. When you select Calendars from the File menu the following screen is displayed...

Calendar Empty

To create a new calendar click the New button and the edit the name in the edit box. Now you can add shows to your calendar using the Append or the Insert buttons. You can copy and paste shows using the Copy Show and Paste Show buttons. Once your calendar is complete is will look like this...

Calendar Complete

If you are set up to do so you can upload your calendar to your web site by clicking the Upload button. You can view and print your calendar by clicking the View button...

Calendar View

Calendar Inactive Check

The check box above the upload button controls whether the calendar is displayed on the web site, it enables you to have a calendar not appear on the web site without having to delete it. Unchecking the box makes the calendar disappear from the web site, checking it and then uploading brings it back.

Calendar Up Down Buttons

The Up/Down button are in two places, they allow you to change the order entire calendars are displayed in or to change the order shows are displayed within a calendar.

Calendar Remove Button

The Remove button appears in two places and is used to either remove an entire calendar or to remove a show from a calendar.

Calendar View Button

The View button allow you to view the calendar in the report viewer where it can also be printed.

Calendar Upload Button

The Upload button uploads the currently selected calendar to the web site assuming you are set up for this.

Calendar Append Button

The Append button adds a new show to the bottom of the currently selected calendar.

Calendar Insert Button

The Insert button inserts a new show before the currently selected show in the currently selected calendar.

Calendar Upload Doc Button

The Upload Document button allows you to upload a Prize list/Entry Form, Prize List, Entry Form, or Schedule to the web site for the currently selected show.

Calendar Remove Doc Button

The Remove Document(s) button allows you to remove a selected document for the selected show, all documents for the selected show, or all documents for all calendars.

Calendar Cancel Button

The Toggle Canceled button allows you to indicate that a show is canceled. A canceled show will appear in red on the web site with " - Canceled" after it's name. It will also appear in red in the shows table so that you can see that it is flagged as canceled.

Calendar Copy Button

The Copy Show button copies the currently selected show to a buffer so that it can be pasted into another show which is a big time saver as shows tend to have duplicated contact parameters.

Calendar Paste Button

The Paste Show button works with the Copy Show Button, it's used to paste the copied show.


The shows table has a * column, checking the box for this column will add a * next to the show and the *Note is added at the bottom of the calendar(s). This can be used to indicate anything you want, final approval is pending, results have been posted, etc. This is of course optional and you can choose to not use it at all.

General Note

This allows you to add a general note at the bottom of the calendar, again optional.

Revised Note

This will be appended to the title of the calendar, it allows you to control the reporting of when the calendar was last updated. You would put text in here similar to: Updated: October 13, 2016.


The Hscom column in the shows table makes it easy to add a link to the show on, each show on has it's own page, if you pull up that page the address bar in the browser will look someting like this...

All you have to do is put the 4 digit number on the end of the address (in this case 3988) in the Hscom column for the show.


The X column on the show allows you to exclude a show from the web site, it is excluded if the box is checked. This is extremely handy if you're editing last years calendar for this year and you don't want the show on there but you don't want to delete it either because you feel eventually it will be appropriate for it to be there.

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