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Division is a term that means different things in different disciplines and needs to be clarified a bit as it relates to OrgPro. OrgPro uses the term "Division" the same way that USEF uses it, as a discipline category rather than as a specific type of class. For example in the Hunter Jumper discipline the "Divisions" are Hunter, Jumper, Equitation, Medal, and Breeding. Associated with the Hunter division are Sections such as "Green Working Hunter" and "Regular Working Hunter". What a lot of people in the Hunter Jumper world would think of as Divisions are called Sections in OrgPro.

When you select Divisions from the Data menu the following dialog box is displayed...

Divisions Empty Dialog

This is basically a list editor. What you need to do is build the list of Divisions as appropriate for the Breed/Discipline that your organization is sanctioning shows for.

For Hunter Jumper for example the list should look like this...

  • Hunter
  • Jumper
  • Equitation
  • Med
  • Breeding

For each Division you also need to assign who gets the points, the horse, or the rider. For a Medal division the points should be set to the rider and the Medal check box should be checked. This assumes that you are doing medal qualification for an end of year ride-off, if you're just tracking points for your medals they should be set up under Equitation and you can omit the Medal Division. Likewise if you have no Breeding Sections you can omit the Breeding Division.






This is what your Divisions might look like for a typical Hunter Jumper organization when you are done.

The next items you need to setup are your Sections.

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