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Sections are what horses and members accumulate points under. You'll create a section for everything that you need a set of year end standings for. If you're using Categories a single section may yield more than one set of standings but you'll still only create one Section for those standings.

You need to create all the sections that you need under each Show Type/Division combination. Create a Section for each end of year award that you have, do not create any Sections for items that you do not have an end of year award for.

When you select Sections from the Data menu the following dialog box is displayed...

Sections Empty Dialog

This is basically a list editor.

Notice that the Show Type(s) and Divisions you created earlier are available for you to assign Sections to. You must build your list of Sections under each Division that you have.

To create a new Section click New.

Sections One Addled Dialog

In typical list editor fashion a new item is added. Edit the name to suit.

Notice that a section code has been added automatically, OrgPro has inserted the next available code in the sequence. Section codes are used to identify your sections to those that submit results to you. Letting OrgPro assign them will ensure that you have no duplicates in your codes, they must each be unique.

Sections Full Dialog


This is what your sections might look like for one of your Divisions when you are done. You would have to complete the process for each of your Divisions making sure to add each Section under the appropriate division.

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