ShowPro Horse Show Software

ShowPro is the easiest to use, most feature rich, and best supported horse show management software product available today. This software is the ideal solution for the smallest schooling show or the largest rated show.

ShowPro was designed with several major design goals...

  1. A short learning curve for users allowing them to be productive with the software in one day or less.
  2. Require minimal effort from the user over the long term to perform the many repetitive tasks that are a part of horse show management. This means ShowPro has tools that are designed to the fullest extent possible to reduce to the absolute minimum the effort required on the part of the office staff.
  3. Maximize the revenue potential of the horse show.
  4. Provide genuine support for horse shows of a wide range of disciplines and breeds. Do this in a way that allows the program to be what users want it to be whether it involves a single breed or discipline or any combination of breeds and disciplines.

The ShowPro horse show management software has excellent Hunter Jumper support, we grew up in that world. It also has excellent support for Quarter Horse, Paints, Appaloosa, Reining, Dressage, Eventing, Arabian, Saddlebred, Morgan, Paso Fino, Friesian, Hackney, National Show Horse, and Andalusian/Lusitano. We also have support for NSBA, and NRCHA.

We have built-in support for combining, uncombining, splitting, unsplitting, concurrency, and events/gos. Basically everything you need automated to the fullest extent possible, and that you're unlikely to find at all in other softwares.

We also have FREE apps for the judge, gate, and announcer available for ShowPro Professional. These free you from the need to print sheets and allow entry verification and results to be posted electronically.

ShowPro is available in three editions, the Professional Edition, the Standard Edition, and the Lite Edition. The Lite Edition has all the core capabilities for horse show management and is well equipped for any schooling or non-rated show but does not have the ability to clone shows, circuit high point capability, and some other features that may be important to you.

The Standard Edition has all the features of the Lite Edition and adds the additional reporting capabilities required for USEF rated shows, plus several other great features.

The Professional Edition has all the features of the Standard and Lite Editions and adds additional labor saving features to facilitate the larger shows. Please visit our Features Matrix page for a breakdown of the features in the different editions of the product.

All editions are easily networked. The software has advanced networking capabilities that go well beyond simple sharing of files, yet there is no complicated setup or maintenance required.

Thousands of shows, small and large, have been brought to successful conclusions with ShowPro. The software is a proven, mature, reliable product that is rapidly becoming the industry standard software for horse show management.

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    Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
  • 1024x768 Min. Screen Resolution
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