Purchasing ShowPro

ShowPro is available on an Annual Subscription or By The Show Day
ShowPro is available in three editions to provide the right program for any level of competition at an appropriate price level. The Professional Edition contains all the features of the lower editions and adds many labor saving and revenue enhancing features, including the ability to query the USEF database.

The Standard Edition has all the features of the Lite Edition and adds circuit points capability, the show schedule, the ability to create shows from a template, and several other important features and reports.

The Lite Edition contains all the basic features required for horse show management including many that you typically won't find like the ability to combine or split classes or sections effortlessly and then later reverse the action with a mouse click if you need to.

Click the ShowPro Features Matrix link on the right for a feature comparison of the three editions.

For all editions all the breeds and disciplines that ShowPro supports are included, you will have the ability to turn on the ones you need at any time.

For ultimate flexibility ShowPro can be licensed on an annual subscription or by the show day. A show licensed by the day can be opened any time before, during, or after the show.

Annual Subscription

ShowPro is available under an annual subscription. There is no limit on the number of shows you can do or the size of the shows. All program updates and the best email or telephone support in the industry is included.

Annual Subscription Pricing

Professional Edition $450
Standard Edition $275
Lite Edition $175
With the first license purchased you get an additional license at no cost, this is to enable you to have a networked system and/or an additional computer back at your office. To add addtional seats to your network beyond the two additional licenses must be purchased, these can be Lite Edition licenses however as a Lite Edition connected to a Professional host will become a Professional client.

Per Show Day Licensing

If you only do a few shows each year then per show day licensing may be a good choice. With this option you can connect as many computers as you like, the client computers do not require any license at all as long as they are connecting to a host computer with a licensed show on it. You only pay for the actual show days and once the show is licensed you can work with it anytime before, during, or after the show.

Per Show Day Pricing

Professional Edition $50
Standard Edition $30
Lite Edition $20

To Purchase ShowPro

Click the Login to Account link at the top of this page and create an account, or if you're already logged into your account go to your account page. From within your account you can make your purchase and the item(s) will be added to your account. You can then install the software using the Downloads > ShowPro Demo/Upgrade item at the top of this page (if you haven't already done so, anyone can download ShowPro at any time). Once the software is installed you can log into your account through ShowPro and the subscription will be applied to the software by clicking the Register button shown below.

For per show day licensing you will first create your show to establish the show dates and then you will be able to license the show from within ShowPro by clicking the License Show button shown below.

Below is what the License Manager looks like in ShowPro, this is where you will apply subscriptions to computers or do per show day licensing from within ShowPro.

For sales related questions please call (734) 667-3390.

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