Download ShowPro Rings

The ShowPro Rings Server must be installed on the computer running ShowPro Professional, an icon will be added to your desk top.

Click Here to Install The ShowPro Rings Server (Version 2.0)

If your host computer is running Windows 10 use the following link

Click Here to Install The ShowPro Rings Server For Windows 10

(You must exit all Sport Data software to be able to install the ShowPro Rings Server)

The link above is what you should click on to install the software. When prompted to Run, Open, or Save click Run or Open.

As of version 2.0 the apps are installed on the host computer along with the Rings Server and are served up to the tablets or computer from the host computer. This completely eliminates any need for app caching for operation when no internet is present - the apps are always available and served up by the Rings Server, no internet is ever required.

Also as of version 2.0, on your remote tablets/computers you can type the IP address displayed by the Rings Server with :8080 added to it (i.e. and a menu page will be pulled up with links to all the apps. This eliminates any need to create short cuts to the apps.

Remember!!! You must have the above Rings Server application installed and running on your ShowPro computer, minimized to your system tray, for the apps to be able to connect and get the information they need to work!

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