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Searching For Member And Horses

Search Button

To search for members or horses in OrgPro click the Search button in the lower right corner of the Members and Horses screens. The following search tool will be displayed...

Search Tool

Members or horses, active or inactive, can be searched for with this tool. OrgPro will switch to the appropriate screen to display the searched for member or horse if required. Depending on what screen you're on when you open the tool, or how you opened the tool, the cursor will appear either in the horse or member search box. If you just click the Search button or press Alt/s on the keyboard the cursor will be in the horse search box if you're on the Horses screen or will be in the members search box if you're on the Members screen. If you press Alt/p on the keyboard the

members (people) search box will be activated regardless of which screen you are currently on. If you press Alt/h on the keyboard the horses search box will be activated regardless of which screen you are on.

You can use the up/down arrow keys to switch between the member/recording number box and the name search box. So if you want to search by number activate the tool appropriate for what your searching for, press the up arrow, enter in the number, and press Enter.

To use the search box start typing in the name, the name will be populated with the closest matching names, as you continue to type the list will narrow. At any points if you see the item you are searching for you can arrow down into the list and select it by pressing enter You can also double click on an item in the list window to go to that member or horse.