HorseShowing.com provides online horse show entry capability, real time results, schedule, document publishing (prize list, order of go, any PDF), and messaging capability. It puts your show on the internet in a place that is frequented by tens of thousands of horse show exhibitors. It allows you to promote your show and your show is connected to your exhibitors electronic devices as they have come to expect.

The online entry allows your exhibitors to create an account, add their horses and people one time, and create and submit entries to your shows on an ongoing basis. You have complete control over what happens to that entry once it's submitted. You can accept it, mark it as pending (maybe you're waiting for a deposit), or reject it. Whatever action you take it is communicated back to the exhibitor, the status of the entry is visible in their account.

When you accept an entry it is instantly added to your database and the infomation is printed on your own entry form for the file.

HorseShowing.com eliminates the task of manually entering illegible entry forms, adds another dimension to the exhibitors horse showing experience, and is a valuable promotion tool for horse show managers.

The cost to upload your show to Horseshowing.com is $10 per show day.

There is a cost for the online entry service that either the exhibitor or the show can pay, at the shows discretion.

Exhibitors can purchase an annual subscription for their horse for just $25 or they can enter for $1/show day with a maximum of $4 for any entry regardless of the number of days the show is. There are many exhibitors with subscribed horses and/or show days available in their accounts that are pleased to have the option to enter online.

There is also the option for the show to pay for the cost of the online entry at at $1 per accepted entry and exhibitors enter for free. Online entries can be purchased in your account at $1 each.