ShowPro Rings Server/Apps

ShowPro Rings is FREE but requires the Professional Edition of ShowPro. It consists of a small program that is used to select the show you're running, the majority of functionality is contained in the ShowPro Server software and the apps that run on tablets or computers.

When you install the ShowPro Rings Server all the apps are installed with it, the system is completely self contained. The Rings Server serves these apps from your local computer, there is absolutely no internet connection required. When you click the Apps Menu link on the Rings Server the following menu page is opened in the default web browser...

This menu page, which can also be pulled up from any device on your network, contains buttons to pull up any of the apps and the documentation for each app.

There are nine apps available for use at the rings. For the Announcer there is one app that provides the class sheet, master sheet, results, and for Hunter Jumper the championship sheet. There is also a separate Announcer's app for open cards.

For the gate there is an app for single horse in the ring classes and two apps for multiple horse in the ring classes. These two apps both support open cards and interact with the announcer's and judge's apps. The Gate - Open Cards Ordered app allows the paddock master to create an order that can be published on www.Horseshowing.com as a live real time order. There is a possibility to send email or text notifications to riders as trips approach.

For the judges there is a normal app that provides the abilty for the judge to place the classes and submit the results directly into ShowPro. There is also an open cards app for the judges as well as versions of the apps that allow the judges to place by score.

These apps have the potential to profoundly streamline your horse show. Entries can be verified at the gate, results can be posted directly into the software by the judge(s). The need for printed sheets can be greatly reduced or eliminated completely.

Live ring status can be pulled up on phone or any other device from Horseshowing.com...

Network connectivity, typically WI-FI is required but no internet is required. The Rings Server and the Apps must be on the same network. The apps can connect through your wireless router or a wireless access point can be connected to your switch on your local network. Depending on the situation you may need to use strategically placed access point(s) and/or wireless extenders to get connectivity where you need it. There are many consumer/commercial products on the market that are relatively inexpensive.

There are several ways you can use the apps, you may not have your judges using them for connectivity or other reasons but your announcer may be running his announcers app in one browser tab and the judges app in another which he can use to post results.

Free Ring Side Apps