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Upload Management

Upload Management allows you to control who has access to the organization data that you provide and also allows you to monitor who has downloaded which updates. The job of the Points Secretary becomes more difficult if the data that OrgPro provides is not utilized by the Show Secretaries. It is very helpful to know who is properly utilizing the provided data and who if anyone is not. When you select Upload Management from the Web/Server menu the following dialogbox is displayed...

Upload Management Dialog Full

The log lists the updates that have been posted, who has downloaded them, and when.

Add User Button

You will control who has access to the organizations data on the web server by issuing usernames and passwords. To add a user or to change an existing users password click the Add/Update User button, the following dialog box will be displayed...

Add User Dialog

The list of existing users appears in the list at the bottom. You can click on a name in the list to select it, you can then enter a new password and/or email address and click Add/Update to post the data.

To add a new user just type the user name in the empty User Name box, a password into the Password box, an email into the Email Address box, and then click the Add/Update button. It is highly recommended that you use the first initial and last name as your user names as it makes the identity of the person clear.

If you enter email addresses for your users they will receive an email notifying them that an update has been uploaded.

Remove User Button

To remove a user click the Remove User button and the following dialog box is displayed...

Remove User Dialog




Simply click on the user to be removed to select it and then click the Remove button. The person will no longer be able to access the organizations data.

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