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Medal Qualification

Medal Qualification is used when rather than tracking a set of points standings you are tracking qualification for a end of year ride-off To set up medal qualification parameters select Medal Qualification from the Data menu and the following dialog will be displayed...

Medal Qualification

This dialog has a list editor component to it with some additional paramters that can be associated with each item you create in the list.

Qualification can be by some number of blue or red ribbons, some number of points earned, or a combination of both.

If points are a factor in your qualification you must set the number of points that are required to qualify and specify a table by name that will be used to determine the points awarded for each place.

Don't create any more Medal Qualifications than you need if the parameters will be identical you can use the same item for multiple medals.

If you have medal classes but are determining a champion by awarding points, and not by a end of year ride off, set them up as Equitation sections, do not use Medal Qualifiers.




Most medals require some minimum number of entrants for the class to be considered a qualifying class.

Medal Qualification Done Dialog




This what a set of configued Medal Qualifications might look like.

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