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Mailing Lists

To set up mailing lists for your organization select Mailing Lists from the Data menu and the following dialog will be displayed:

Empty Mailing List Dialog

You can define separate lists for different purposes. Your members can belong to as many of these lists as you like. You may have lists for a news letter, for prize lists, or lists specific to particular show types.

Add new items to the list with the New button and then edit the name in the edit box below.

You might end up with something like this:

Configured Mailing Lists

You designate which lists members belong to on the Members screen:

Selected Mailing Lists

A label will be printed for this member if any of the selected lists is selected for printing.


These same mail list are used for bulk emailing using the configured email address for each member.

You can use the Clear list of all members button to facillitate a temporary list, a list that you need one time to make a special set of labels. After you've printed the labels you can clear the temporary list for use in the future with a different set of labels.

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